💡The first cross-chain in Shiba Chain to Pi Network Chain

Pi Network application is a platform that allows users to mine Pi, a new cryptocurrency that aims to rival Bitcoin. Pi Network is a free cryptocurrency that can be mined using a smartphone instead of expensive infrastructure. With the development of more and more loyal members. Along with the development of the development team, the mainnet deployment will happen soon.

What Is Shiba Inu (SHIB)? Shiba Inu is an Ethereum-based altcoin that features the Shiba Inu a Japanese breed of hunting dog as its mascot. Shiba Inu is widely considered to be an alternative to Dogecoin; in fact, proponents of Shiba Inu tout it as "the Dogecoin killer."

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are meme coins, which are cryptocurrencies that are associated with some theme like the Shiba Inu dog in the case of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin but are often launched as a parody or inside joke rather than as a digital product that actually has some utility.

Know the growing strength of both communities and the need to transfer assets between chains when the mainnet is completed. Our team decided to establish and develop the ShibaPi project to help users move assets between these chains and other chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism.

With this advance, we will try our best to implement the project according to the roadmap so as not to disappoint early investors in the project. And help the project expand and develop to other chains to serve the Shiba and Pi communities even more strongly. Like the entire crypto world.

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