Total supply: 100.000.000 SPI have been minted. The Initial two year allocation is as follows:

⦁ 38% for Presale at Pinksale and released at listing time

⦁ 22% for DEX Liquidity(Uniswap)

⦁ 8% for CEX Listing (Mexc, Gate,..)

⦁ 10% for Core contributions (1-year full lock-up, 2-year linear unlock thereafter)

⦁ 6 % Staking pool (Investors can join the staking pool to increase their holdings. And waiting for the project to continue to develop the next stage)

5% Airdrop for the Shiba & Pi Network community, who have contributed and are loyal to the Pi community for a long time.

⦁ 2% for airdrop for community(people who join to testnet and influencer promote the project)

⦁ 4% for Marketing Project

⦁ And 5% for Developers Team

  • Locked up for 12 months: Core contributions and Developers Team (15%)

  • Locked up for 7 days: Cex + Staking Pool + Airdrop for the Pi Network community(19%). After that, open it for Cex, use it for Staking Pool and AirDrop

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